Are you manifesting your desires? Our thoughts control what happens in our daily life. Mostpeople unconsciously create problems in their own lives.Whatever you think about can attract those things into … Continue reading

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Do a heart check every morning before you get out of bed and ask yourself, What fills my heart? If you feel grateful, fill your…

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Yes, contrary to conventional wisdom you can accomplish anything in your life you want – you just can’t accomplish everything – there isn’t enough time (that…

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That extra push…

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I was blown out of the water this weekend when two different people thanked me for believing in them. The crazy part…

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Self-Centered, To Be or Not To Be

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Believe And You Will See It

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If one advances confidently, in the direction of his own dreams and endeavors to lead the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a…

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313~365~Self-Esteem (Photo credit: Christina Ann VanMeter) In abuse our self esteem is slowly beaten down and we begin to think untrue…

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