Do you want to have a big house, big car, a lifestyle that you dream about?

Regardless of your current circumstances, all your dream can become real. What you need is to think and feel positively towards your dream.

Although this may sound easy, many people find it hard to visualize their dreams with vivid feelings.

To have positive energy vibration, you need to start by generating the feeling to make you feel as though you have already achieved your dreams. How can you go about generating such energy vibration?

This article aims to show you how you can generate and sustain positive energy by creating a vision board. Creating your vision board allows you to paint your dreams in advance.

Here are some key points you should use to create a effective vision board.

(1) Connect Your Feelings with The Pictures

Lets start off by getting a large sheet of white paper (6 feet by 6 feet. In Singapore, we call this mahjong paper).

Next, you need some unwanted magazines. You are going to flip through these magazines and cut out the pictures which catch your attention. If you can’t find the appropriate pictures, go to the internet to search for them and print them out with a color printer.

Next, go through these pictures which you have cut.

Ask yourself why do you choose them? How will you feel if you already have all these things in reality? Remember the positive feelings which you have.

(2) Keep Those Pictures Which Give You Positive Feelings

After Step 1, you may realize that you do not want some of the pictures you initially thought you want. It is absolutely alright to feel in this way. You have just heightened your awareness level to what exactly will make you feel happy.

The key is you should only have the things you want on your vision board. There is no compromise on this. Even if you only end up having one picture, so be it.

A vision board, like your life is a self-discovering journey. Along the way, you may discover other things you appreciate in your life. You can still cut out those pictures and stick them on your vision board.

(3) Use Big Pictures

Use big pictures and big words to represent your dreams. You want to be able to see your vision easily.

(4) Do not Limit Your Imagination

In one of the interview report, Bob Proctor said that one common mistake people made was they often go after what they think they can achieve rather than what they really want.

Your task is to declare your true intention to the universe. Do not limit your imagination to what you can ask for based on your perceived value of what you can achieve currently.

You do not need to know how to achieve your dreams. This is Universe’s domain knowledge. When your energy level and thoughts are in alignment, the universe will show you the way.

(5) Pin Your Vision Board At a Convenient Place

Once your vision board is ready, pin it up at a place where you can see it everyday.

Ideally, this place should be somewhere you will see first thing in the morning and last thing before you sleep.

See your vision board twice a day. Remind yourself of the feelings attached to the pictures you have cut out. Carry this feeling with you throughout the day and release it to the universe through your actions.

Now some of you may still doubt if this works. It absolutely does! How do i know? I did the same thing and in just three weeks, I started to see my vision manifesting into reality.

So don’t doubt the power of the secret vision board!


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