Five Positive Things…

positive mental attitudes is what i luv,thank you keep up the great work…this wasvery thoughtful and inspiring to read…peace

Aberrant Crochet (TM)

I remember hearing once that humans need an emotional and experiential bank account, just as much as we might need monetary savings.  That every positive experience is a deposit into that bank account.  And that every negative experience draws against our savings.

Since negative experiences use up so much energy (why is that?), it’s important that we have a larger bank balance of positive things to make up for the negative draws that come in life.  It’s our job in life to invest in our positive returns.

However, when the balance sheet gets out of whack, when negative experiences (and actions) outweigh the balance of the positive, we can actually go bankrupt, emotionally and mentally.  The withdrawals finally pushing us into the red and even taking a toll on our physical health.

I believe that attitude is a magical place of being that magnifies our experiences, both positive and…

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One comment on “Five Positive Things…

  1. Julia - Aberrant Crochet
    November 15, 2012

    Thank you for the positive comments and reblog Rich!

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