Draw Whatever You Desire Closer To You By Doing This

Law of Attraction Mastery

When you speak positivity about your desires, you draws them closer to you.  When you speak negatively about them, you push them further away. Highly accomplished people often speak of projects they’re working on as if they had already been accomplished. For instance, real estate moguls may speak of a condominium complex they’re planning, as “setting a new standard in luxury living” before the building’s foundation has even been laid. The moguls are expressing their intent and automatically attracting the power of the Law of Attraction to make it come true. Such statements are not empty boasts. Empty boasts are simply intended to impress others through exaggeration.

Not only should we strive to speak only in positive terms about our own desires. We should do the same about the desires of others. Firstly, this will make us welcome companions. Secondly, the Law of Attraction doesn’t distinguish between our feelings towards…

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