Choosing The Path of Tears

i love this…you have to give in order to receive in life…peace thank you 4 this post i needed to hear this

Aberrant Crochet (TM)

One of the reasons I got involved with charities and volunteering is because it’s a choice.

Memories were triggered for me today….

Once upon a time in college I did a lot of work with severe and profoundly handicapped children, affected mentally, physically and developmentally.  The forgotten ones in our world, the ones who are often wards of the state, whose families have abandoned them because they can’t take the pain or because their medical need for care is too great.

One of the medical facilities I volunteered in had designations on every bedroom door as to whether or not to resuscitate or try to save the young life that lived within.  We walked into those rooms each time knowing that the child we worked with today might not be there tomorrow.  And though we were officially there to help with physical and educational therapies, most of us knew…

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