Why Increase Your Mastery of The Law of Attraction?

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Law of Attraction Mastery

When you live in harmony with The Law of Attraction, you become virtually unstoppable. You can surmount almost any obstacles that lie in your path. On the other hand, if you work against the Law of Attraction, you won’t get what you desire no matter how ambitious, smart or good looking you are or how hard you work. Nothing is more frustrating that working very hard, with the best of intentions, and getting nowhere.

Those who work against the Law of Attraction live in default mode. Their lives are randomly filled with some of what they like and much of what they don’t like. They feel little control over their lives. They focus their attention on their present circumstances, which may or may not be to their liking. This extends their present circumstances into the future. They eventually come to believe these circumstances are permanent and their lot in life…

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