Living in the present


If you really look at your mind, you will realize that you
don’t control it. Have you ever had somebody talking to you
and even though you are trying to concentrate on what they
are saying, you find yourself thinking about something
completely different?

In order to manifest what you want you need to learn to
concentrate and get control of your mind. There are many
ways you can do to accomplish this, you can meditate,
visualize, focus on one thing, or use a mantra (a word
repeated over and over in your mind) to keep you from
becoming distracted.

It can be difficult to not allow your mind to go from one
subject to another, but you can learn how to focus. When
you are trying to think about one thing, try to push out
things that happened in the past that may have to do with
this. You are only trying to focus on how to achieve what
you want now. The past has nothing to do with now.

Focus all your attention on the future and let the past go.
What ever it is that you want to accomplish concentrate on
the present. You can gradually learn how to control your
mind to focus on the task at hand.

You may use the past occasionally but only for learning
what didn’t work so you can focus on what will work now.
You are working to build your future so you need to
visualize on the present and future in order to get what
you want.

There are many things that can help you to focus including
listening to music that you love, sitting in a quiet room
with candlelight, doing yoga-breathing exercises, doing
visualization exercises, or meditating. The more you
practice these things the easier it will become to focus on
the present and let go of the past.

Another way to learn to focus is to practice gratitude for
the things that you have. It is hard to be a happy and
miserable when you are feeling gratitude for the things you



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