Your Personal growth through manifestation


What is manifesting? Manifestation comes from your
thoughts. Whatever you focus on can manifest and become a
reality in your life. What are you thinking about right
now? Are your thoughts bringing you what you want in your
life? You need to focus your thoughts on the things that
will improve your life and make it easier and more

When you focus your thoughts on positive things, you
manifest positive things in your life. Focus on what you
want. Keep all your thoughts and feelings on positive
thoughts. All your thoughts should make you feel good
physically and emotionally.

Take some time to think about past experiences and how they
have made you feel. When you think about good past
experiences, try to remember what you were doing to lead up
to these experiences. Were you practicing positive

Try to remember everything good that happened in your life
and then focus on whether or not they came easy or if they
were difficult to achieve. You may be surprised to find out
how many of those things happened very easily. What were
you thinking for a few days or weeks before these things
came to be? Were your thoughts positive?

Always take an inspired action towards having what you
want. These actions are taken with an awareness of how it
makes you feel as you move towards having the things you
want. By taking action and being aware of how things come
to be, and thinking that, your positive thoughts can change
your limiting beliefs. Do not say to yourself that it is
not possible to attract positive things in your life just
by thinking about them and wishing for them.

If you find yourself having negative beliefs, stop yourself
immediately and replace them with positive ones. Make sure
to continue taking action being very aware of which actions
produce positive results. In order to grow personally you
need to learn who you are. You can manifest anything you
want in your life by simply stating positive statements to
yourself, having faith that it will happen, and not letting
negative feelings or thoughts come into play.


One comment on “Your Personal growth through manifestation

  1. smessineobnm
    December 9, 2012

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    Now watch the video below and you will see how inspired thoughts and positive action can have a huge impact on your life.

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