Law of attraction and universal forces

The law of attraction can create miracles beyond your belief. Learning to apply the law of attraction can be successful or unsuccessful for people unless they are opened to them. Many people claim they have had wonderful results and others say they are not getting what they want. This happens because some people do not understand how to apply the law of attraction correctly.

Take a minute and think about how long you have been trying to attract some of the things you want into your life. You may have visualized your goals, repeated affirmations, or maybe even worked your butt off trying to attract money to your life and still had no success.

The Law of attraction can help you manifest what you want into your life quicker. In order to make the Law of attraction work for you have to connect to the universal forces. It is possible to make the Law of attraction work magically for you if you can connect to these forces.

In order to make the Law of attraction work for you you, must allow yourself to be open to the void. That is the void of the universe. It can work magic and create miracles. Your body and mind will become calmer and be more in harmony so that it make your desires manifest into physical reality faster.

When you completely clear your mind, and allow the universe to enter, you open yourself up to the Law of attraction and start seeing it work magically for you.




  1. thedarkclear
    December 18, 2012

    This is very true and doubly so for miracle manifesting.

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