Einstein – “…the ideal of success should be replaced…”

Glenn Lim

Image“It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service” – Albert Einstein

There’s an innate need in human beings, to give and leave behind a legacy. Personal ‘success’, in its selfish terms, never really satisfy man’s craving for contribution beyond himself. It’s when one begins to serve needs beyond himself, that he discovers the real beauty of  success. So let’s reframe our ideals of success as yardsticks of service. Every opportunity to give, contribute and serve, becomes a celebration of achievement. Why think this way? Because when others succeed through your contribution, you succeed too, but in a much more magnanimous, ‘glorified’, and gratifying manner.

This week, take time, open our eyes, observe, spot for needs, and meet them through service!…

Lovingly, Servingly yours…Glenn Lim

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