extactly how i feel,well said

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i do not own this photos. credits to the owner of this pic. shared from facebook.com

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3 comments on “Single?

  1. Matt Chase International
    January 9, 2013


  2. pamkelso
    January 11, 2013

    You attract people into your life – that’s a fact.

    People who know me well, and who had known me for a long time would know how profoundly I have changed. What destructive patterns I’ve changed, how my health has changed. The very fact that I left an abusive relationship is the biggest indication of how much I have changed. I’ve blogged as much about the way that I am a completely better person more that I have about my exes, in fact. Its a delicate point and maybe men don’t understand it but unless where you were is made clear, where you are now standing won’t be understood.

  3. pamkelso
    January 11, 2013

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