How does a rich man see his money?

Don't stop at relief

I’ve realised, fully now, that you can’t work out how to pay bills by using the Law of Attraction to work out how to pay bills. You can’t fix a problem with the consciousness that created it (Einstein) so you need another tack.

I’ve spent a good while (way too much I now realise but I forgive myself!) on visualising fabulous outcomes and changing those images because they weren’t working (go figure). I was coming at it with an attitude about myself that I just hadn’t done much work on. The beggar in the street can visualise being a millionaire until he’s blue in the face but he won’t make it while he feels poor inside.

Nothing new there for you all, I don’t imagine, but f you want the money to flow you not only have to feel good about yourself (are you worthy of it, etc) but you…

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