Let Go of Everything

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Have you considered that in this day and age there could be something even more important than work and family?

That’s a question that goes against the grain of our culture. How many of us think it’s important to regularly create the space in our lives to temporarily let go of everything we are usually consumed by? And I do mean everything.

– Work, Family, Friends, Money, Lovers, Hobbies, Possessions, Email, Cell phones, Computers, Coffee, all the things we think define us.

I ask you now to take the risk of dropping your relationship to anything and everything except life’s most profound spiritual truths and biggest philosophical questions:

“Who am I? . . . Who am I REALLY?”

“Why am I here in this world?”

“Why does the universe exist?”

“Why did something come from nothing?”

“Does the life I live mean anything?”

“Is there an ultimate purpose to existence?”


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